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Veterinary  Orthopaedics 

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Veterinary Orthopaedic Surgery Ireland
John Joyce Orthopaedic Veterinary Surgeon

About Us

At Northwest Orthovet we provide a dedicated in-house surgical referral service offering a large range of orthopaedic procedures. We operate predominantly in the Northwest of Ireland, on both sides of the border, but can also travel further afield. 

We believe that excellent surgical outcomes and client satisfaction derive from clear communication and attention to detail. 

Our Services



We provide a wide range of advanced orthopaedic procedures for our canine and feline patients


Soft Tissue

We also provide elective soft tissue surgeries, particularly those that don't require intensive aftercare in hospital



We can offer orthopaedic consultations and lameness work-ups in your practice and online

What Pet Owners Say

Excellent Care

Really care about their patients and great at explaining procedures to pet parents. Special thanks to John for his excellent care of our dog during several operations.

Highly recommend

John put some plates and screws in to hold the bone together till it sets. He took the best care of our animal, he kept us updated from start to finish. Only for him our dog would have had to have her limb amputated.

Above and beyond

John and the team go above and beyond. Cannot recommend these guys enough!

Heather and her Weimeraner Millie

Peter and his Border Terrier Kim

Daniel and his French Bulldog Rocco

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