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Soft Tissue Surgery

We can offer a variety of complex soft tissue procedures to compliment those which you already offer in your own practice.  Given the peripatetic nature of our service, we focus on soft tissue procedures which don't require extensive hospital care following surgery. The list below is not exhaustive so feel free to contact us with any requests for other soft tissue procedures.

Total Ear Canal Ablation

Where neoplasia or unsuccessful medical management of ear disease occur, TECA with LBO can be very effective treatment to restore quality of life.


We offer urethrostomy procedures in both dogs and cats with perineal urethrostomy for feline urethral obstruction the most common indication for this. 

Other soft tissue surgery

Just speak to us if you would like to discuss cases which require soft tissue surgery not listed here

Ventral Bulla Osteotomy

For cats with middle ear disease, VBO can be a very successful treatment option.

Anal Sacculectomy

Whether for medically unresponsive anal sacculitis or neoplastic processes we can remove one or both anal sacs. 

Salivary Mucocoele

This surgery is performed where damage to salivary ducts or glands leads to a buildup of saliva under the skin, necessitating removal of the affected gland. 

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